Tuskegee Coffee Shop & Cafe: A New Kind of Experience

Tuskegee Coffee Co., a new coffee brand, plans to go beyond just selling coffee online, but to build an unique theme eatery cafe concept across the United States, with the first two sites being in Indianapolis, Indiana and Columbus, Ohio. The cafe concept will be known as Tuskegee Coffee & Cafe.

"We have this fantastic eatery concept that will make waves in the coffee industry. Gone are the days of a bland Starbucks-like experience. No offense to Starbucks. We are going to create an immersive and social gathering place with great coffee and food," J. Elias Norwood, Founder & CEO of Tuskegee Coffee LLC said. "We're hoping and praying for the right investor to come along, someone or entity that believes in this concept as much as we do. This will be a superior fast-casual concept with cutting-edge technology."

The company plans to continue to push it's online coffee sales, but is drawing up plans and renderings to get Tuskegee Coffee & Cafe off the ground.

"We've been in business over 1 year, we are ambitious a heck. So is our concept." said J. Elias.

Prospective investors interested in Tuskegee Coffee & Cafe should have ambition, drive, and be willing to see it through to it's reality.

Tuskegee Coffee Co., a brand of Tuskegee Coffee LLC, is based in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Learn more at TuskegeeCoffeeShop.com