Black Owned Coffee Company

Tuskegee Coffee Founder

Tuskegee Coffee Company (Tuskegee Coffee LLC) is a Black-owned coffee business (a minority business enterprise) and we are part of a great trend. From 2002 to 2017, the number of Black-owned businesses with employees increased 31.2%, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Tuskegee Coffee is a 100% Black-owned coffee company founded by J. Elias Norwood. The brand was created in 2020. Tuskegee Coffee LLC is headquartered in the Charlotte, NC metro area. Though we are a Black-owned business and our theme is Black history, our focus is to deliver quality coffee to everyone. We want everyone to be part of the Tuskegee Coffee experience.

Our business, just like many other Black-owned businesses, we deal with a number of disproportionate challenges, one being the lack of access to capital funding to help grow our business, which has only gotten worse during the Covid-19 pandemic and now with inflation/economic challenges. We like to pride ourselves on being founded in the middle of the pandemic. This strength is testament to our dedication and vision of the Tuskegee Coffee brand. We appreciate your support. When you buy  a bag of Tuskegee Coffee, part of the profits go to making a difference through the One Coffee Together Campaign, founded by J. Elias Norwood. As the revenue increases, this will allow us to build our first Tuskegee Coffee brick & mortar location.


Tuskegee Coffee Black-Owned Coffee Company