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Established in 2020, our goal is to sell you great coffee and open a theme café concept that is inspired by history, specifically, the great history of African Americans. We feel like African American history is being lost in the noise of today's pop-culture. There are many people who don't know who the Tuskegee Airmen or Buffalo Soldiers were for an example. We must remember all the great things that were done. These are people who triumphed over adversity.

The legacy of these and many other African Americans are important because it not only allows us to learn from the past, but it helps guide and inspire the future. We want to remind people of the dedication, sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears of these great people who believed in the United States of America, who believed in the greatness of mankind. This is why we chose the name Tuskegee and why we want to bring Black history to life. Click here to learn more. Tuskegee Coffee Company was founded by J. Elias Norwood.

At Tuskegee Coffee, we sell whole coffee beans or we will grind it for you. You make the choice. Whole beans have a much longer shelf life than ground coffee. For the absolute freshest, best tasting coffee we always recommend that you buy whole bean coffee and grind just prior to brewing. We understand however, that grinding just prior to brewing may not always be possible for some people so we’ll gladly grind your gourmet coffee beans for you.

Thank you for visiting Tuskegee Coffee!

J. Elias Norwood, Founder/CEO